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Las Vegas Uber Accident Attorney

Many have praised Uber for providing a safe alternative to drunk driving…but exactly how safe is Uber? The company has faced backlash for its disturbingly lax driver hiring and background check processes in the past, as well as negative press for incidents in which negligent drivers have injured and killed others. If you’ve been in an Uber accident in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll let you know if you have a personal injury claim against the individual driver, Uber, and/or another party during a free initial evaluation.

Who Is Liable for Your Damages?

After sustaining injuries in any type of accident, one of your first questions should be: “Who is liable for my damages?” Liability refers to the legal responsibility someone has for another party’s damages. Someone may be liable for your Uber accident if he or she was negligent or careless in a way that contributed to your crash. This means that that person may have to pay for your damages. Since Uber is a rideshare company, the question of liability may extend farther than just the negligent driver.

Uber as a company could be at fault for your crash if it was negligent in hiring the driver. For example, if the company overlooked the fact that the driver had a history of DUIs on his or her driving record. The company will not, however, be vicariously liable for the actions of its drivers. Since Uber drivers in Nevada are technically independent contractors, drivers are individually liable for their actions even when on duty driving for Uber.

Being unable to name Uber as a defendant in a lawsuit does not mean the company won’t pay for your damages. If you were a rider in the crash, Uber’s $1 million insurance policy will cover the costs of your medical bills and any property damage. This policy also covers Uber drivers if they are logged into the app and if their personal insurance plans aren’t sufficient. Filing a claim after your Uber accident is the best way to recover the costs of your losses.

Las Vegas Uber accident lawyer

What to Do After an Uber Accident?

First, call 911 if your crash caused injuries, deaths, or property damage in excess of $750. The police can investigate your car accident and document its details for the official record. Request an ambulance if anyone has any injuries. If you can, gather information about your crash immediately after it happens. Stay on the scene and write down the Uber driver’s full name, license plate information, and other details about the trip and accident. Take photographs of the vehicles involved, the location of the collision, and your injuries.

Seek medical care for your injuries right away. Delaying care can make it more difficult to secure compensation from Uber’s insurance company, as it says that your injuries could not have been very serious. As soon as you’re in a safe location, file an official report of the accident with Uber. You can do this online, through the app, or over the phone with Uber’s customer service line. Uber’s insurance company may contact you soon after you file the report.

Before saying yes to a quick settlement with Uber’s insurer, discuss your accident with a Las Vegas Uber accident attorney at Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP. We have experience handling complex Uber accident claims in Nevada. We know how to deal with Uber and its insurance company for the benefit of our clients. Our car accident attorneys can help you feel confident during settlement negotiations and a personal injury trial if it comes to that. Let us explain to you how we might be able to help during a free, no-obligation legal consultation in Las Vegas. Call (702) 560-5520 or contact us online today.

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