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What others have to say about us

FREEMAN V. DOE REALTY COMPANY “Spencer and Brian were right there, encouraging me, supporting me, helping me to know the things I needed to know to make good decisions. They were solid rocks of confidence in telling me the advice that I needed to know to make a good decision, and that advice was good advice because it helped me to make the right decisions for Patrick.”

Mike Freeman

MICHAEL NELSEN V. HILLYARD, INC. “I knew I had found the right attorney for my son when I met Brian Panish at the hospital after Mike’s catastrophic accident and saw tremendous compassion and concern on Brian’s face. But I had no idea that Brian and Spencer Lucas would care so much and work so hard to get the life-changing settlement that has allowed Mike the best quality of life possible after his brain injury.”

Terry Nelsen

WHETZEL V. STATE OF CALIFORNIA “Today I am grateful for the chance to move forward in my life with my dreams still intact after being in a terrible car accident. My team, led by Tom Schultz, Spencer Lucas and Erika Contreras, was phenomenal – both in and out of court. Thank you Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP for the kind way you treated me during the most trying time of my whole life and for getting me a great verdict. Now I am able to rehab my injuries and have enough savings to feel very comfortable moving forward in my life.”

Byron Whetzel

MORATAYA V. CITY OF BAKERSFIELD “When we lost our Dad from substantial injuries to negligence we were devastated. Even though we knew that the Defendants accepted fault, it was still a fight like David and Goliath with us going against the City of Bakersfield at trial. Yet we had the strength and courage with Brian Panish and Deborah Chang on our side. They fought this battle with professionalism, dedication and integrity. Through perseverance and prayer, Goliath went down and we won the victory with one of the highest wrongful death verdicts in Kern County…On behalf of the Morataya family, words cannot explain the gratitude. Thank you to the most warmest staff a legal firm can have. You were all very welcoming from the beginning to the end. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you again for believing in us.”

Erika and Cindy Morataya

CUTHBERTSON V. LACMTA “Looking back over our trial, one thing really stands out from all the other details and events. The dedication, hard work and thorough investigation done by the attorneys and staff made all the difference in enabling the jury to speak in our favor. The care that was given, and the respect that was shown to our family, will never be forgotten. The trust we put in them was not misplaced and we know why their organization is ranked among the best in the country. Not only has their work made a difference in our lives, but also in the lives of those with various “challenges” nationwide ! We pray that their efforts continue to help justice be served !”

Colen Cuthbertson

HARUTYUNYAN V. LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, ET AL “Attorney Robert Glassman handled my case from the beginning to the end. He met with me at the initial client meeting; we had a follow up meeting once the case had been filed; and then we met again at mediation. Robert explained everything to me in great detail and was always very professional during our meetings as well as during our telephone calls. He kept me updated on my case, worked hard and effectively advocated for me. More importantly, Robert was able to obtain a very favorable result for me. I am so grateful for his skills as an attorney and his dedication to his clients. Thank you, Robert, for all you did for me.”

Robert Harutyunyan

MARTINEZ V. WELLS FARGO BANK “I always felt like the lawyers at Panish Shea & Boyle were fighting for ME — my health, my children, and my future. They worried more about me – and not about how much money they were going to make. I always knew they had my back. Deborah [Chang] made me feel like I was more of a friend than a client.”

Andrea Martinez

NICHOLS V. AC TRANSIT “Brian and Spencer, Thank you both for everything you did to help my case! I am eternally grateful to you both. Chrys and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Abby Nichols

POWERS V. TANZMAN “Their honest and professional approach was just what we needed during this difficult time. From the partners to the junior staff, they walked us through each step of the way and fought for us.”

Joe and Didi Powers

DOG ATTACK CASE “Thank you Tom for your hard work, I hope someday I will be able to reach the same level of skill, thoroughness, and compassion as an attorney that you and your firm displayed with my mother. All the best”

Salar Hendizadeh

PERSONAL INJURY CLIENT "I highly recommend Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP, these guys don't mess around! The second I hired these guys they didn't waste any time, literally handled everything, made a very stressful process as seamless as possible. Robert Glassman and Rahul Ravipudi handled my case and I could not have chose a better team. Driven, smart, experienced, empathetic, responsive, and fought tooth and nail to get me the best result. If you need a PI firm, call them, save yourself the time because this team is it. I now know why they come so highly recommended."

Jake J