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Las Vegas Construction Zone Accident Attorney

Major construction projects take place on Las Vegas roads and highways regularly. Construction equipment, workers in hard hats, and orange cones are common sights in Clark County. Drivers rely on construction projects to keep the roads safe. Sometimes, however, the construction zone itself can put drivers’ lives at risk if the proper safety precautions are not put in place. If you were involved in an auto accident while driving through a construction zone, contact Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP for a free consultation. The law may entitle you to financial compensation.

Who Is Liable for Construction Zone Accidents?

The first step toward recovering a financial award for your construction zone accident damages is identifying who is legally accountable for causing your crash. Nevada is a “fault” car insurance state, making it necessary to determine fault before you can even file an insurance claim. The question of liability is complicated in most construction zone accidents due to a number of different parties involved. A Las Vegas construction zone accident attorney can help you determine liability for your accident. The following entities could take the defendant’s position in your claim:

  • Construction company. It is the construction site manager’s job to ensure that the site is reasonably safe for everyone on it – workers and passersby alike. Failure to remedy issues such as machinery in the road or confusing detours could be an act of negligence that causes a wreck. The construction company could be liable for its own acts of negligence as well as those of construction workers depending on the situation.
  • The city of Las Vegas. If the construction zone was unreasonably dangerous because of a roadway defect that the city should have repaired, such as a bad pothole, the city may be responsible for accident damages. The city or state government owns all public roadways in Las Vegas. You can file a claim against the government for your construction accident with help from one of our Las Vegas car accident lawyers.
  • Third party. Some construction zone accidents stem from the actions of third parties uninvolved with the construction company, such as other drivers or the manufacturers of vehicle parts. Our law firm will investigate your case and help you understand who could be liable. It may be a combination of multiple parties.

If you aren’t sure who or what caused your accident, don’t worry. That’s what our personal injury attorneys are here for. We’ll investigate your accident right away, protecting evidence from the site and talking to eyewitnesses on your behalf. We’ve handled hundreds of car accident claims in the past. We know exactly how to get to the bottom of the construction site accident causes.

Fight for Fair Compensation for Your Injuries

Heavy traffic, narrow lanes, roadblocks erected, obstacles in the road, construction zones, heavy machinery, distracting workers waving flags, and decaying ground make construction zones much more dangerous than other areas of the road. If you believe someone else is responsible for making a construction zone even more dangerous than it has to be, resulting in your injuries, contact our Las Vegas construction zone accident lawyers right away. Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP stands up for the rights of accident victims in Las Vegas. No matter what the circumstances of your crash, contact us for a free legal consultation.

Nevada law allows accident victims to seek recovery for damages such as medical expenses, lost income, property damage repairs, physical pain, disability, and emotional suffering after construction zone auto accidents. If the accident is fatal, surviving family members can still pursue additional damages from the defendant. In construction zone accidents involving government liability, you must take some complex steps right away to recover damages. Don’t delay: Contact us about your construction zone accident case in Nevada today.