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Las Vegas Gas Explosion Attorney

If a Las Vegas gas explosion injured you or killed a family member, contact Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP. You deserve top attorneys on your case. Severe burn injuries, traumatic amputations, and damage to your eyes or ears from an explosion can inflict lifelong damage. Our attorneys have experience handling claims for catastrophic accidents in Nevada. We will fight aggressively to secure the settlement or verdict your injuries demand. Call (702) 560-5520 now to discuss your accident with a Las Vegas gas explosion attorney.

What Causes Gas Explosions?

Natural gas, methane, butane, and propane are highly volatile substances prone to involvement in explosions. These are the same gases that the country uses for heating and cooking purposes. Gas explosions can occur when the gas mixes with air and an ignition source, such as a static spark. Most gas explosions are preventable with due care from those in charge of the pipe, tank, or component. The following issues can lead to a disaster:

  • Unnoticed gas leaks
  • Defective gas pipes
  • Old and corroded pipes
  • Malfunctioning gas meters or regulators
  • Lack of proper gas installation
  • Poor or improper maintenance
  • Faulty propane tank

Explosions can occur in industrial and workplace settings as well as right at home. In fact, residential gas explosions happen more often than most people realize. It is up to the gas company to safely deliver gas to households. Failure to uphold this duty in any way could result in a catastrophe. People can often identify gas leaks by the odor – a smell resembling rotten eggs. If you couldn’t detect a leak or evacuate in time to avoid a gas explosion, you’re probably suffering serious injuries. These injuries demand serious Las Vegas gas explosion lawyers.

Who Is Liable for Your Gas Explosion?

Identifying who is liable for your gas explosion injuries first takes determining the cause of the explosion. For example, the explosion might stem from improper installation of your gas pipes from the company, a city worker accidentally puncturing a pipe during a dig, or a defective propane tank igniting. Our investigators will visit the scene of the accident, talk to experts, interview eyewitnesses, and take other actions to get to the bottom of what caused the explosion. We’ll use this information to identify defendants. If your injuries were caused by an unsafe workplace, our Las Vegas work injury attorneys can help you with your claim.

The gas company is a common defendant in gas explosion cases. Nevada’s main gas supplier is Southwest Gas Corporation. It is the company’s legal duty to take the utmost care in distributing gases to customers. Compromised (damaged) gas containers, pipe leaks, poor maintenance, and bad installation jobs can ultimately lead to a deadly explosion. The gas company will also be liable for the actions and mistakes of its employees. A product manufacturer could be liable instead if a malfunctioning or defective product caused the explosion.

It may take help from our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers to understand exactly who caused your gas explosion. Let our firm take care of your case while you focus on recovering. Burn injuries can require weeks to months in the hospital. Concentrate on getting better while we handle the legwork and paperwork of your case. You can trust our lawyers entirely with your claim and know that we’ll get the best possible results for you. If you lost a loved one in a gas explosion, we can file a wrongful death case on your behalf. Learn more about your gas explosion lawsuit. Contact our lawyers today.