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Las Vegas Negligent Security Lawyer

Many victims of crimes in Las Vegas don’t realize they may be able to hold more than just the criminals responsible for their damages. Nevada’s premises liability laws allow them to also hold property owners accountable for inadequate security. Contact Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP if you or someone you love has recently been through an assault, robbery, rape, or other act of violence while on someone else’s property. The landowner could owe you compensation for your financial and emotional losses.

What Is Negligent Security?

Property owners have a legal duty to keep visitors and guests reasonably safe when on their premises. This involves repairing and preventing hazards such as toxic substances in the air and trip and fall dangers, but it also deals with security. A property owner has the additional duty to provide adequate security according to the circumstances. What is “adequate” can depend upon the type of establishment, its location, and the crime rate in the neighborhood. Security measures a property owner might need to take to fulfill this duty include:

  • Lighting parking lots
  • Installing security cameras
  • Installing a gate for communities
  • Hiring security guards
  • Providing locks and safe windows/doors for tenants
  • Restricting hand-outs of duplicate keys
  • Posting signs such as “Cash register has $20”

All property owners do not bear the same burden to provide certain security measures. Instead, what is “reasonable” will depend upon the unique situation. In general, the courts will decide whether a property owner fulfilled his or her duties by asking if another person in the same situation would have done more to prevent the attack. This question largely comes down to the foreseeability of crime. The courts will determine foreseeability based on the criminal history of the location. If the owner did not do enough to prevent foreseeable crime, he or she might be liable for damages in the event of an attack.

How to Prove a Negligent Security Claim

To hold a property owner liable for your Las Vegas criminal attack, you will need to prove his or her negligence. Again, this will involve showing that the crime was reasonably foreseeable and that the owner was negligent in preventing the incident. It will also require proof that you were legally on private property or on public property at the time of the incident. The two other elements you will need for a claim is a connection between the owner’s negligence and your attack and proof that you sustained real, compensable damages. Damages can include:

  • Physical injuries, such as gunshot wounds or broken bones
  • Medical bills to treat the injuries
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Psychological trauma from the attack
  • Lost wages from having to miss time at work
  • Stolen or damaged property

Proving your civil case against a property owner is easier with help from our Las Vegas negligent security attorneys. We’ve helped hundreds of clients recover compensation for their damages over the years. Negligent security is one of our specialties in Las Vegas. We know the standards of care that owners of casinos, hotels, bars, restaurants, gas stations, residential buildings, and other properties owe their guests and tenants. We can help you uncover proof of negligence and secure fair recovery from the owner (or his/her insurance company). Contact our attorneys today or call (702) 560-5520 to learn more about your case during a free legal consultation at Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP.