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Redwood Valley Fire

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California entered a state of emergency after intense and fast-moving wildfires broke out on October 8, 2017 across the northern region. These fires ravaged parts of Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Butte, Mendocino, and Solano counties, spreading quickly and uncontrollably due to high winds, low humidity, and parched earth. More than 200,000 acres in Wine Country were burned and the firestorm resulted in the loss of 43 lives, making it the deadliest wildfire event in California’s history. The North Bay Fires Consortium is a comprehensive source of legal help after fire-related damages.

About the Redwood Valley Fire

The Redwood Valley Fire is one of the conflagrations in the firestorm. It burned 36,523 acres in Mendocino County and started around 11:36 p.m. on October 8th. The cause of the fire remains unknown, although investigations into the utility company PG&E are pending. The utility company may have contributed to the fire as a result of poor maintenance of its Napa and Sonoma County power infrastructures. One couple has already brought a claim against PG&E for the loss of their Coffey Park home in Santa Rosa. Here are the latest facts on the Redwood Valley Fire:

  • The fire started north of Highway 20, west of the Mendocino National Forest, and south of Black Bart.
  • A total of 228 fire personnel using 10 fire engines worked to suppress the fire.
  • Fires in Mendocino County destroyed at least 545 homes and four commercial structures. They damaged at least 43 others.
  • Many evacuated the area before emergency alerts were issued.
  • The main evacuation center from the Redwood Valley Fire was Mendocino College.
  • The city lifted all evacuation orders and road closures.
  • The phone number for information about the Redwood Fire is (707) 459-7419.

At least nine people have died in the Redwood Valley fire so far. The ages of the deceased range from 14 to 88.  Kai Logan Shepherd, 14, and his 17-year-old sister Kressa, are the youngest reported victims of the Wine Country fires. Kai passed away trying to escape the area with his parents and his sister Kressa passed away three weeks later at a local hospital as a result of her injuries. Their parents remain in critical condition. The fire destroyed all 18 homes on Fisher Lake Drive.

What to Do After the Redwood Valley Fire

If you’re a wildfire victim, document all of your expenses since the fire. This includes medical bills, hotel bills, and the costs of basic necessities. Keep track of damage to your property, if known. Keep records for your insurance company. If you have not yet called your insurance company to file a claim, do so as soon as possible. Before you accept a settlement, however, speak to a lawyer. Lawyers can help maximize recovery amounts after disasters like wildfires. They can also discuss the possibility of a civil claim against a responsible party for personal injuries or wrongful death. For a free consultation in Redwood Valley, contact the North Bay Fires Consortium.

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