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Nuns Fire Victims: Information and Resources

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On October 8, 2017,  the first fires of what would become one of California’s deadliest firestorms began. The firestorm would grow to include 18 different wildfires ravaging the Wine Country region, affecting Napa, Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Butte, and Solano counties. Collectively, these fires have burned more than 200,000 acres and destroyed at least 8,000 structures. The fires have killed 43 people so far, and many remain missing. The Nuns Fire is one of the largest of the 18 wildfires that ravaged Northern California. Get help for damages as a result of the Nuns Fire through the North Bay Fires Consortium.

Facts About the Nuns Fire

The Nuns Fire started at Highway 12, north of Glen Ellen, on October 8th around 10:00 p.m. The Nuns Fire, along with Adobe, Norrbom, Pressley, and Partrick fires, burned 56,556 acres. These four smaller fires merged into the Nuns Fire. There have been two reported deaths from the Nuns Fire – one civilian (72-year-old Lee Chadwick Roger) and the other a private water tender operator in Napa County (38-year-old Garrett Paiz).

The center of the Nuns Fire occurred in the areas east and north of the City of Sonoma. On October 11th, the Nuns Fire merged with the Norrbom Fire. The Adobe Fire joined on October 12th, followed by the Partrick Fire on October 13th. By October 16th, the five-fire conflagration (also including the Pressley Fire) had covered more than 48,000 acres in Wine Country. The Oakmont Fire merged on October 18th, and the combined conflagration grew to burn over 54,000 acres.

The destruction from Nuns Fire was immense in Glen Ellen. Officials allowed residents to return to damaged areas on Sunday, October 22nd. The fire destroyed entire neighborhoods, including those along Warm Springs Road and homes south of Arnold Drive. At least 1,200 structures have been destroyed in the fire. Glen Ellen, home to fewer than 1,000 residents, suffered damage to some of its wineries. The phone number for more information about Nuns Fire is (707) 967-4207.

Need Help After the Nuns Fire?

Retaining a lawyer after a wildfire is a good idea for many reasons. As you and your family try to get back on your feet, assessing the serious damage to your home, vehicle, and/or business may feel overwhelming. You may have injuries, such as burns or health problems from smoke inhalation. You will need to speak to your insurance company and start a claim for fire-related damages. In the meantime, you will need to keep track of your bills and expenses. Keep all receipts, including those for the hotel or other place you are staying due to a damaged or destroyed home.

Once you’re able, call the North Bay Fires Consortium. Five law firms from Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, Burlingame, and San Francisco have joined forces to form the Consortium and offer legal assistance to wildfire victims. There are lawyers available to help with burn injuries, fire-related damage, wrongful death, individual claims and consumer class actions. The Consortium can help you communicate with insurance companies, receive information about available resources in your community, and discuss your potential options for a personal injury lawsuit. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding the Nuns Fire.

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