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The Atlas Fire is one of the 18 blazes in a devastating firestorm that burned through California in October 2017. Firefighters worked day and night to suppress and contain these fires for weeks after their start on October 8th. The firestorm caused at least 43 deaths and burned more than 200,000 acres. High winds and dry conditions contributed to the fires quick spread. If you’re a victim of the Atlas Fire, the attorneys of the North Bay Fires Consortium want to hear from you.

About The Atlas Fire

The Atlas Fire has affected Napa and Solano Counties the most and has killed at least six people including George Chaney, 89, and Edward Stone, 79. They died in their home on Atlas Peak Road, in a neighborhood that the fire largely reduced to rubble. Hundreds of people are in the midst of trying to put their lives back together after the Atlas and other fires destroyed homes and injured loved ones. Here are some facts about this fire:

  • The Atlas Fire began on October 8th around 9:52 p.m.
  • It started off of Atlas Peak Road, south of Lake Berryessa.
  • 35-mile-per-hour winds carried Atlas Fire over ridge tops to the south and southwest.
  • Firefighters had Atlas Fire fully contained as of October 28, 2017.
  • The Atlas Fire has burned 51,624 acres in Napa and Solano Counties.
  • The fire damaged 90 structures and destroyed 481 others.
  • Road closures from Atlas Fire included Upper Redwood Road and Mt. Veeder Road.
  • A total of 408 fire personnel worked on containing the fire.
  • There were mandatory evacuations for eight different communities.
  • The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Evacuations from the Atlas Fire began at Silverado Resort, Vichy Avenue, the Hagen Road area, Montecito Boulevard, and Monte Vista Avenue. Evacuees took refuge at the Crosswalk Church, Napa Valley College, Allan Witt Park, Solano Community College, Fairfield High School, and Sonoma Raceway.

Need Help After Atlas Fire?

The Atlas Fire and the other Wine Country blazes have affected thousands of Californians. If you’ve suffered personal injuries, property damage, loss of your home, or the death of a loved one as a result of the Atlas Fire, speak to an attorney today. The North Bay Fires Consortium is here to give you information about resources in your community during recovery. A lawyer can speak with you about your damages, help you file claims with insurance companies to start you on the road to recovery as well as help you maximize a settlement amount through professional negotiations with the insurer.

As of today, investigators are still trying to uncover the causes of the Atlas Fire. Investigations into PG&E and a possible arsonist are underway. PG&E’s poor maintenance of power structures in Sonoma and Napa counties may have contributed to the deadly fires. PG&E is cooperating with the investigation. Should investigators discover one or more entities responsible for causing the fires, victims may be able to pursue compensation through an individual claim and/or class action lawsuit. Speak with our lawyers today for more information.

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