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PSBR Obtains $1.35 Million Settlement in Auto Collision Case Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury

PSBR attorneys Ian Samson and Adam Ellis obtained a $1,350,000 settlement for a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigator who suffered injuries after her vehicle was struck by a wrong-way driver. Plaintiff was also represented in the case by Michael Matzke of De Castroverde Law Group.

Plaintiff was returning to work after investigating a crime scene at 3:00 a.m., traveling southbound on the 215 freeway, when her vehicle was struck on the driver’s side by the defendant who had entered the freeway improperly via the exit ramp. It was determined at the accident scene that the defendant was driving under the influence and was the cause of the accident. Plaintiff suffered injuries to her neck, back and a traumatic brain injury that caused her severe migraine headaches and sensations of dizziness and vertigo. While she was able to return to her job, the tasks she performed with ease, prior to the accident, were now much more difficult, stressful and time consuming.

Defendants did not contest liability. Rather, they argued that Plaintiff suffered from preexisting injuries that included a history of migraine headaches and episodes of vertigo. The parties settled the case after Plaintiff effectively demonstrated that the migraines and instances of dizziness and vertigo increased in intensity and frequency as a result of the accident.