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gas explosionGas lines are prominent among residential communities and various businesses. While it is expected for natural gas lines to be properly installed, maintained, and replaced when necessary, some of these critical factors may be overlooked by gas companies. If a gas line becomes corroded and is not replaced, or if it ruptures due to being poorly repaired, built, or monitored, devastating consequences can result. The most common and life-threatening risk involved with gas line rupture is an explosion. In other cases, a gas line is inadvertently left on by a repair person or other thirdGas line explosions can happen in a matter of seconds, leaving individuals within surrounding areas with barely any time to react or escape.

In many gas line explosions, flames can reach up to hundreds of feet, causing fires to quickly spread. This is especially dangerous in the dense residential communities of Los Angeles, as the 2010 gas line explosion in San Bruno that killed eight people and injured many others has demonstrated. In this tragic gas explosion accident, a Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) natural gas pipeline erupted, leading to a wide spreading fire and evacuation.

Gas line explosions in Los Angeles, California can cause severe burn injuries, which can lead to permanent scarring, disfigurement, emotional trauma and significant pain. Burn injury treatment can also be quite painful and intensive, requiring lengthy rehabilitation, skin grafts and even multiple reconstructive surgeries. Explosions caused by ruptured gas lines can also lead to wrongful death.

For safety and emergency reasons, natural gas companies are responsible for making sure that above ground pipes and valves are clearly visible at all times, no matter where they are located. It is also recommended that regulations be implemented for maintaining the area around above-ground pipes and valves to ensure visibility. In addition, the visibility and condition of these pipes should be routinely checked and repaired when necessary.

“…Gas companies are responsible for making sure that above ground pipes and valves are clearly visible at all times, no matter where they are located.”

When a piece of property goes under new ownership, the new landlord should examine the area for possible hazards before initiating residency or beginning any construction. Checking ventilation in enclosed areas is also important to prevent flammable gas from accumulating. Gas powered heating equipment should also be well lit and properly labeled and all gas company employees should follow adequate rules for service and maintenance. It is the responsibility of all gas companies to ensure that employees are properly trained, understand instructions, and adhere to safe work practices.

Gas explosions are preventable accidents that cause far too many catastrophic injuries and fatalities within residential communities, public businesses, workplaces, and construction sites. Some workplace explosion accidents occur when flammable or pressurized materials (i.e. pipelines, tanks) are not properly monitored, contained or handled. Gas explosions have also resulted from employees or employers failing to mark the location of a gas line, resulting in workers and other individuals not being aware of the exact location of the gas line. If any type of hazard or oversight is determined to be the cause of a gas explosion, injury victims and family members of wrongful death victims may be able to hold negligent parties responsible.

The L.A. gas explosion attorneys at Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP understand the many physical, emotional, and financial repercussions of a gas explosion. We are committed to obtaining full and just compensation for individuals who have been seriously injured or family members of those wrongfully killed in gas explosion accidents. Our attorneys have obtained numerous verdicts and settlements in our clients’ favor in wrongful death, burn injury, and gas explosion litigation. In utilizing effective legal resources and strategies, you can rest assured that a strong case will be built on your behalf.

Burn and Explosion Injury Verdicts & Settlements

  1. Anderson v. General Motors $4,907,632,000
  2. Griggs v. Caterpillar, et al. $58,137,361
  3. Diao v. Southern Cal. Gas Co. $19,786,818
  4. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $4,000,000
  5. Hernandez v. Doe Heater Manufacturer $3,700,000
  6. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $3,500,000
  7. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $3,000,000
  8. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $3,000,000
  9. Luu v. Doe Corporation $2,000,000
  10. Allaire v. Century Cable Co. $2,000,000
  11. Doe v. Auto Manufacturer $2,000,000
  12. Younger v. Foster Wheeler $1,750,000
  13. Altman v. Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) $1,500,000
  14. Cohen v. Sports Connection $1,400,000
  15. Williams v. S.C.E. $1,200,000
  16. Poulos v. Long Beach Transit (LBT) $1,200,000

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