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San Bruno Gas Explosion

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San Bruno Gas Line Explosion, 4 People Confirmed Dead, 53 Homes Destroyed

UPDATED 9.17.10 – California Gas Pipe That Exploded Ranked High Risk

UPDATED 9.11.10 – Federal investigators start examining San Bruno gas explosion

A gas line in the bay area city of San Bruno exploded on Thursday, September 9th, destroying at least 53 homes and killing 4 people, the Los Angeles Times reports. Fire fighters were on the scene ready to begin fighting the blaze when they realized that the explosion had destroyed the grid of water mains that supplied the fire hydrants. There was no water for the fire fighters to use. The crew strung a series of hoses together and utilized water supplies from two and three miles away from the neighborhood.

Reports say that there had been no problems with the gas lines in recent years; however residents said that they smelled slight hints of gas in the air earlier in the week. A crew from PG&E arrived on the scene with shovels, an earth mover, trucks and hard hats and began digging through concrete. While 53 homes have been damaged in this disaster, some homes remained untouched by the fire. It is unclear at this time how many victims have been injured due to the gas explosion.

By 2am Friday morning, fire fighters were still trying to control the fire and police had lined the area with tape and flares, declaring the area a crime scene.

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California gas explosions often result in serious burn injuries and even death. If a gas explosion results from improper gas line installation, maintenance, repair, or another form of oversight, the gas company responsible for the line may be held liable. While it is unclear why the gas line exploded, many residents lost their homes; some lost their loved ones and many others may have sustained serious injury.

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