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When you book a cruise, you’re paying for a complete package that includes accommodations, food, entertainment, travel — and safety measures. But cruise ships aren’t always as safe as they look; in fact, hundreds of passengers have been seriously hurt or even assaulted on board, resulting in cruise ship accident litigation. But because cruise ships operate out of other countries and require passengers to sign long contracts, your legal options back on shore may be very limited. Worse, loopholes in international maritime law may allow passengers or employees who commit physical or sexual assault to escape prosecution. Sorting out which laws apply in your case can be a challenge in itself. If you were hurt on board a cruise ship, you need a lawyer with a strong knowledge of maritime law as well as state and federal laws in order to get the justice you deserve.

Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP has extensive experience with international and maritime law. Our partners have handled several cases involving major cruise ship accidents and aviation disasters (to which maritime law often applies), including crashes of Singapore Airlines and Alaska Airlines jets. In the Singapore case, our firm won $15 million for the children of a couple wrongfully killed in a runway crash in Taiwan in 2000. We have substantial experience with the complex liability, mechanical and medical issues that can arise with a cruise ship injury.

Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP attorneys are national leaders in personal injury resulting from cruise ship accidents and consumer protection law. Our attorneys have won some of the largest verdicts in the United States, including the largest verdict of any kind in American history and the nation’s largest tire-tread separation verdict. Together, we’ve won more than 150 verdicts or settlements of $1 million or more. Our name partners write and speak to other personal injury attorneys regularly on topics like trial procedure, aviation law and other specific topics; they have been honored multiple times with nominations and awards for legal excellence.

Cruise Injury Verdicts & Settlements

  1. Doe v. Cruise Ship $5,600,000
    Settlement of $5.6 million for severe traumatic brain injury sustained by a 13-year old boy who fell through an opening when a glass panel became detached from a stairway system on a cruise ship, and landed several decks below.

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