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Toxic Torts Lawyers – Chemical Exposure Injuries

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Thanks to increased awareness of climate change, America is taking pollution more seriously than ever before. Unfortunately, this comes too late for many victims of environmental poisoning, chemical spills or other exposure to unsafe chemicals. Industrial waste and other pollution doesn’t degrade quickly; some toxins linger in the environment for decades, poisoning the soil, water, air and everything that lives nearby. The results can be devastating:

  • “Cancer clusters,” neighborhoods in which multiple families are affected with the same types of rare cancers due to contaminated groundwater, airborne pollutants or other toxins
  • Sterility or poisoning of farm workers and neighbors exposed to harmful pesticides
  • Exposure to unsafe chemicals and solvents in the workplace, including during military service
  • Exposure to carcinogenic inhaled particles like asbestos, silicon and coal dust
  • Unwitting exposure to seemingly safe consumer products that contain poisonous chemicals like lead
  • Chemical spills from accidents with factories, trucks or trains
  • Poisoned land that won’t produce crops or produces unsafe crops

When pollution and contamination causes death, cancer, brain damage or other extremely serious injuries, victims may file a lawsuit — called a toxic tort — to hold polluters responsible for their actions. Because pollution usually affects entire communities or groups, toxic torts are frequently class actions.

Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP has substantial experience with complex and large-scale litigation presenting complex scientific, chemical exposure, medical and legal issues. Our attorneys are recognized as leaders in consumer product defect litigation, an area where partners have won the largest jury verdict of any kind in U.S. history and the largest defective-tire verdict in U.S. history. Brian Panish has taken leadership roles in successful national plane crash and defective drug class actions, all of which settled for tens of millions of dollars or more.

The attorneys at Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP are recognized as some of the top consumer and Los Angeles chemical exposure injury attorneys in the United States. In addition to winning several record-setting verdicts and settlements, our attorneys have won more than 150 cases worth $1 million or more. Our partners have been repeatedly recognized or nominated for honors such as Trial Lawyer of the Year, Best Lawyers in America or Top 100 Lawyers in California. All of our attorneys are active in professional life, with some in leadership roles for professional organizations. Partners frequently write and speak to other attorneys about good trial practices and procedures.

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