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Toyota Auto Product Recall History

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The 2010 Toyota recall campaign is by far the Japanese company’s most expensive and damaging mistake ever. But Toyota is no stranger to controversy, recalls, or customer service problems. Below, you can read about a few of the issues the company has had over the last two decades.

April 2002 — Toyota admits that millions of its trucks and cars were poorly engineered with respect to oil sludge systems.

Toyota had to apologize to thousands of vehicle owners and pay for repairs. Over 3.5+ million Highlanders, Siennas, Lexuses, Avalons, and Camrys built between 1997 and 2002 were found to have serious oil sludge related problems. The problems developed only when customers went too long in between oil changes, argued the company. Nevertheless, Toyota caught flak in the press (and from customers) for its slow handling of the matter.

2001 — Toyota forced to recall 20,000 Innova model multi-utility vehicles from India due to oil leaking.

Innovas built between 4/01 and 10/01 had faulty parts installed. This recall only impacted India, so many people in the United States never even heard about it.

1992 — Door locking problems with 1987-1991 Camry sedans led to a massive recall campaign.

The problem in this case was sticky power locks, which made it impossible to open doors. Blown fuses also disabled power windows on some vehicles.

1996 — Toyota was forced recall over a quarter million Corolla and Sprinter models in Asia due to faulty transmissions.

Since this 257,000+ car recall occurred in Asia, many people in the United States never heard about it.

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