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If you’ve been injured by someone else’s actions — whether they intended it or not — you may be able to sue under personal injury law. The injuries can be economic or psychological as well as physical; often, they are all three. An experienced San Jose personal injury attorney can help you decide whether you have a case and recover the maximum compensation. The San Jose attorneys at Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP are respected as some of the industry’s top attorneys in the area of personal injury. Their track record includes record-setting recoveries for personal injury, including winning the largest personal injury and product liability settlement in American legal history, $4.9 billion, in Anderson v. General Motors.

The lead attorney on that case, Brian Panish, also helped win the largest personal injury verdict in California history in Griggs v. Caterpillar, et al. In that case, Panish’s team won $58 million for a man who was burned over 75% of his body when a defective O-ring caused a fire in the cab of the tractor he was operating.

Other notable personal injury results by the firm’s attorneys include:

Cellamare v. Laidlaw, in which a woman in a crosswalk was hit by a school bus, sustaining multiple broken bones. Adam Shea was part of a team that won a jury verdict of $5.6 million.

Doe v. Roe Bus Company was a $32.5 million settlement on behalf of a teenage passenger in a Volkswagen van who was severely injured when a school bus turned left in front of the VW van. As a result of the frontal collision and the lap belt only seat belt provided in the VW van, the plaintiff sustained severe internal injuries to her digestive system. Adam Shea was co-counsel for the plaintiffs.

The San Jose personal injury lawyers at Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP have been honored many times for their excellence in personal injury law, including repeat nominations for Trial Lawyer of the Year and spots on lists of the top lawyers in California. The firm’s attorneys often write and speak as experts in personal injury law. Brian Panish speaks frequently to attorneys’ groups, including the American Bar Association, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and the Inner Circle of Advocates.

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