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Driving Safely on Nevada’s Most Dangerous Roads

Nevada can be a difficult state to drive in even for born-and-raised residents. Car accidents are common at all times of the year, with 300 fatal accidents in Nevada in 2018 alone. Driving in bad weather such as a high heat index or snowfall can make things even more dangerous. Learning a few tips for driving safely on Nevada’s roads could help you prevent a serious car accident. Avoid Nevada’s Most Dangerous Roads Like all states, Nevada has some roads

Tips on Buying Safe Toys

Toys are a childhood staple. The right toys can do much more than keep your child entertained – they can also improve learning, development and social skills. As a parent, you might not anticipate a child’s toy containing a defect that injures your child. Unfortunately, you cannot trust all toy manufacturers to create safe items. Thousands of children suffer acute injuries each year because of defective toys. Shopping for safe toys takes a certain level of vigilance as a parent

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Owner & Operator of Alpine Motel Apartments Following Deadly Fire

Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP attorneys Rahul Ravipudi, Ian Samson and Adam Ellis as well as attorney Ben Wilson of Morgan & Morgan P.A. have filed the first wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the sister-in-law of Tracy Ann Cihal, a 57-year-old widow who tragically died last month while trying to escape from the blazing inferno at the Alpine Motel Apartments in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The complaint, filed in Clark County District Court against Las Vegas Dragon Hotel LLC — the owner

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year when we all start to decorate our Christmas tree, putting up beautiful lights around our homes, and making the holidays the most special time of the year. Christmas decorations near a fireplace, a dry Christmas tree and frayed light cords are all fire hazards to watch out for during the holidays. Before you start decorating your house, make sure you follow the necessary holiday fire safety tips to reduce the risk of injuries and