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Where are the Deadliest Freeways in Los Angeles? [New Infographic Data!]

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The city of Los Angeles has the highest city population throughout California, with an estimated total of 3,971,883 people, based on the latest statistics from 2015. With such a massive population comes a higher concentration of people using the surrounding Los Angeles freeways and roads to commute to work and get around the city at all hours of the day. And with a higher volume of vehicles logically comes a higher rate of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities in L.A.

We recently conducted a detailed analysis measuring the total number of fatal vehicle accidents and collision deaths throughout the entire state of California, and compared the statistics to the length measurements of each of the freeways or highways where these accidents occurred. What resulted was a ranked list of freeways or highways with the highest rates of Fatal Crashes Per Mile.

So it might not be a huge shock to fellow Californians that freeways like the I-405 and the I-5 are in the top 5 list, but it’s important to be educated about exactly WHERE on those freeways we see the highest concentrations of fatal accidents.

So Where are the Deadliest Highway Areas in Los Angeles?

We used the data from Top 5 Deadliest Roadways in Los Angeles County and created an infographic to display the data. You can find and download the infographic below:

Deadliest Freeways in Los Angeles

Within the main study, we also included a breakdown of the deadliest roadways in Southern California which includes all of the data for Los Angeles.

You can find the Southern California specific data here.

You can view the entire study of Deadliest Highway Stretches in California here.

We hope that the findings from the study are eye-opening! We need to do our part to help increase the road safety within our great City of Angels to keep our family and loved one safe on the road. Please help us share this data and infographic and educate people about the dangerous areas within Los Angeles County, as well as throughout California.

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