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F-18 Crash Victim Grieves

A father sobbed in grief for his family that was killed after an F-18 plane crashed into their San Diego, Calif. home, during a press conference where he did not place blame on the pilot. (2:17)

F-18 Crash In San Diego

A fighter jet on a training mission crashed in a residential area of San Diego. The pilot ejected safely, but there have been fatalities, Sandra Hughes reports. (1:16)

F-18 Crashes In Neighborhood

“CBS News RAW”: An F-18 military jet has crashed in a San Diego neighborhood. An FAA spokesman said the pilot was able to eject. (1:03)

Father Mourns Loss of Family in Jet Crash

One day after a plane slammed into a San Diego neighborhood, investigators found the remains of a 4th victim. The 15-month old was the daughter of Dong Yun Yoon, who lost another child, his wife and mother-in-law after the jet hit his home. (2:23)

F18 CRASH. Funeral of the 4 killed at San Diego.

funeral was held in the afternoon of Saturday 13th December at the Glen Abbey Memorial Park and Crematorium at Bonita,San Diego. The Commander of the MCAS MIRAMAR, Colonel Christopher O Connor attended the service, together with other Marines and numerous members of the public. (2:25)

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