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Have you been in a car accident and sustained significant injuries or other loss? The peak location in Ventura for severe car accidents is near the San Buenaventura State Beach and Fairgrounds. Accidents occur along the Pacific Coast Highway, as well as nearby surface streets such as Thompson Boulevard and Poli Street. Maybe someone cut you off on highway 126 and will not claim fault. Perhaps you were exiting the PCH when someone sideswiped you. Now their insurance refuses to provide sufficient compensation.

Maybe your loss is of a different sort. You might have been injured by an animal when visiting Oxnard. A part you purchased from a business in El Rio may be defective, causing property damage. If you have any kind of physical, property, financial or psychological loss, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Personal injury lawyers defend plaintiffs who have sustained loss due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. They can represent your case against other individuals, companies, agencies, government entities, or other groups. If your reputation has been tarnished, lawyers can file for compensation. Specializing in tort law, these lawyers study an area of legislation related to damages and losses of any kind. Other cases of personal injury may include work injuries, traffic accidents, defective parts, healthcare mistakes or stumbling on another’s property.

Lawyers handling personal injuries adhere to regulations set by the state bar association. These include professional and ethical regulations. Lawyers gain their licenses by passing the bar examination and often an ethical practice examination. Once licensed, they may legally file complaints, represent parties in court, draft legal documents, and give legal advice. Attorneys interview clients before accepting them to determine if they have a potentially strong case related to legal matters. After identifying the cause of their client’s situation, they research strong arguments to be presented in court. The goal of attorneys is to represent people in court by helping them seek justice and compensation for losses. If a settlement cannot be reached, a trial may be in order.

To become a certified attorney all lawyers must pass the bar exam. Once certified, lawyers attend continuing legal education (CLE) courses to stay up to date with recent legal activity related to their field, and each state requires a certain number of course hours per year.

Is My Loss Large Enough?

Many factors play into your case. Even if you only sustain a few scrapes and bruises, these injuries can develop into something more. If you settle with an insurance company too soon, you may find that a week later you are struggling with mobility and have to take time off of work. By this time, you may have already signed away your right to file further claims.

A Ventura personal injury attorney from our Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP firm can help you consider all possible elements of your loss. Your loss may be a combination of factors, including financial and reputation loss, which you may not even be aware of. A representing lawyer can research laws relating to your situation to determine how much compensation is appropriate for your loss.

If you feel that your losses are small, you can still call for a free consultation. Our attorneys may be able to open up more possibilities than you thought possible in your situation. Pain and suffering compensation may be available. The emotional distress you sustained can be considered a loss by a jury. Your lawyer can help you understand all the claims you are entitled to. Even minor injuries and losses can add up.

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