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Sacramento Truck Accident Attorney

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Accidents involving larger commercial trucks often result in significant injuries and property damage for those involved, but recovering compensation can be challenging. At Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi, we have extensive experience handling complex truck accident claims, and we have no problem standing up to aggressive insurance carriers or legal teams to ensure that our clients recover total compensation for their losses. Contact us today when you need a Sacramento truck accident attorney by your side.

Why Choose Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi for a Truck Accident Claim?

  • At Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi, we have extensive experience taking on corporations, which means we have no problem handling truck companies to ensure you are properly compensated.
  • We have a track record of success in recovering significant compensation for injury victims throughout the Sacramento area.
  • Our team will handle a Sacramento truck accident claim on a contingency fee basis, which means clients do not have to pay a dime and legal fees until after we recover the compensation they need.

Proving Liability After a Sacramento Truck Accident

Determining liability after a truck crash in Sacramento can be challenging and typically involves gathering as much evidence as possible. Often, there is a significant amount of evidence gathered at the scene of the initial incident. This includes, but is not limited to, photographs of damages, debris, skid marks, the vehicles involved, injuries, etc. Additionally, contact information from eyewitnesses is valuable because these individuals can be contacted to give statements about what they saw.

However, because of the complexity of these claims, an attorney will likely need to dig further to gather additional types of evidence. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Types of Compensation Available After a Truck Crash

Truck crash victims in Sacramento should be able to recover various types of compensation if the incident was caused by the negligence of another driver or the company. This includes a range of economic and non-economic losses that our attorneys will work diligently to calculate properly. Some of these losses include:

  • All emergency and follow-up medical expenses
  • Any surgical repairs needed
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Prescription medications
  • Medical devices
  • Lost wages and last earning potential
  • Disability income
  • Property damage expenses
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

There is no set amount of compensation paid to victims in these cases, but an attorney will work with medical and economic experts to adequately calculate total losses. In the event the insurance carrier or trucking company refuses to offer a fair settlement, an attorney will fully prepare the case for trial.

Call a Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer for Help Today

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence of a truck driver or trucking carrier in the Sacramento area, turn to the team at Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi immediately. We will not hesitate to stand up for your rights, even if this includes taking your case away to trial. Let us help you recover complete compensation for your losses so you can get back to living your life. When you need a Sacramento truck accident attorney, you can contact us by filling out our contact form or calling (310) 477-1700.

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