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Burn injuries can significantly alter a person’s day-to-day life as well as their mental and emotional health. At Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi, our team is standing by to help if you need a Merced burn injury attorney by your side. We know that these claims can be challenging, particularly when it comes to recovering compensation from at-fault parties. Let us get to work on your behalf as soon as possible.

Turn to Choose Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi for a Burn Injury Claim

  • At Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi, we have a track record of success handling complex injury claims in California, and we regularly help clients secure major settlement and jury verdict victories.
  • Our attorneys have the resources and experience necessary to thoroughly investigate every burn injury case that we handle.
  • Clients will never pay any upfront or out-of-pocket costs for their case, and they will only pay legal fees after we successfully recover compensation on their behalf.

Who Can be Held Liable for the Burn Injury?

Burn injuries can occur in a wide variety of ways. Information presented by the Cleveland Clinic states that approximately half a million individuals go to emergency rooms each year with burn injuries and that children are at the highest risk of accidental burns.

Some of the most common causes of burns include thermal sources such as fires, hot liquids, steam, and hot surfaces, such as metal and glass. However, other common causes of burns include chemicals, radiation burns, electricity exposure, and UV light.

Anytime another individual, company, or entity is responsible for causing another person’s burn injury, then they should be held accountable for their actions. Various parties could be held liable for burn injuries in the Merced area. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Private residence owners
  • Restaurants
  • Businesses or construction companies
  • Tanning salons
  • Schools and daycares

This is certainly not a complete list of the possible liable parties, and we strongly encourage you to work with an attorney to examine whether or not your case should move forward toward a settlement or a trial.

Types of Compensation Available for These Cases?

Burn injury victims in Merced are often able to recover a wide range of types of compensation if their claim is successful. Whether through an insurance settlement or as a result of a successful personal injury trial, we are regularly able to help clients recover the following:

  • Compensation for all of their emergency medical bills
  • Payment for any long-term physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • Any surgical treatment needed for the burn injury
  • Lost wages if an individual is unable to work
  • Loss of quality of life damages
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering damages

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If you or somebody you love has sustained a burn injury caused by the negligence of another individual or entity in the Merced area, turn to the team at Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi as soon as possible. We have extensive experience handling complex injury claims throughout California, and we know what it takes to recover full compensation from at-fault parties and insurance carriers. When you need a Merced burn injury attorney, you can contact us by filling out our contact form or calling (310) 477-1700.

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