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On Thursday, April 9, 2007, Foreign Tire Sales, Inc. announced it will be recalling 255,000 tires made by a Chinese Manufacturer. The tires lack a safety feature, which prevents the tread from separating from the tires.

The tire models which are involved in the recall include steel-belted radial replacement tires that are made for pickup trucks, vans and SUVs. The tires were available to consumers from early 2004 through mid-2006.

The recall is estimated to cost the company $20 million. The company claims that the tires meet all federal motor vehicle safety standards, but when they did extra testing, they found that the tires don’t meet the company’s standards. Despite this fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ordered the recall of 450,000 tires back in the month of June.

Tire tread separation can cause serious accidents resulting in serious injury and death. The driver will lose control, the vehicle may roll over due to the driver trying to regain control over the vehicle, and tread debris can strike other drivers and other vehicles.

The Los Angeles personal injury attorneys of Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP are currently investigating all claims and injuries regarding these defective tires. If you have questions or need a free consultation, please contact us immediately.

For a complete list of all tire models involved in the recall,
please visit our Hangzhou Tire Recall web site.

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