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Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP
Average rating:  
 240 reviews
 by Tim Missamore
Amazing Dedication

Talk about stick to it folks, Julia, Ian, Rahul and their staff are amazing. This was a long drawn out process, however PSR never stopped preparing. Many delays caused by others on this case but my team at PSR were always on time, always prepared, and always ready to deal with whatever was thrown at us. Could not recommend these folks more highly! Injury type cases are especially hard on the injured. PSR handled our case with great kindness and in a very thoughtful manner. Relieving the stress on our family! Thank you PSR!

 by Hugh & Melissa A.
Thorough and Thoughtful Care of our Case

We can't begin to describe the emotional rollercoaster we unexpectedly embarked on after losing our home in the Woolsey Fire. Melody Saadian and Lyssa Roberts took on our case not only as our attorneys, but as empathetic and comforting individuals, always making sure to be available and ready to listen. Their work was incredibly thorough and there was never a lapse in communication. It was painful to relive the experience in such specific detail but they were our cheerleaders the whole way. Every explanation was clear and the end result was a successful representation of their hard work and care. We will always be grateful for Melody and Lyssa and the entire firm and can't recommend them enough!

 by TJ
Grateful for Help

Adam Shea was a God-send after my wife was in a terrible accident which left her paralyzed and our firstborn child dead. We had huge medical bills, with six-figures being uncovered. It was a journey, but Adam walked us through the entire two-year process. He was easy to reach. He was professional. He showed sympathy and compassion. He told us what to expect at every phase. His recommendations were spot on every time. My wife and I very much enjoyed working with him. I consider him a friend now! I give my highest recommendation with no reservation to Adam and his team.

 by Anthony Hernandez
Amazing Results

I was injured in a car accident and James Trotter was an amazing attorney for the situation I was in. He always made sure that I had what I needed, he made sure I understood everything that was going on from start to end. For the entire time I was well taken care of, answered all the questions i had if i was ever unsure about things. I highly recommend this law firm, I wouldn't have wanted any other firm but this one. Again thank you so much.

 by Viviana McDaniel
A rare breed of attorneys

When my son passed away unexpectedly in a car accident earlier this year I prayed God put the right people on my path as I dealt with his last affairs.

That’s how I met Robert Glassman and Kimberly Vo.

I’ll start by saying that in a field where it is very easy for people to be very cold, and detached, Robert was extremely kind, compassionate, transparent and human. Finding a good attorney is very difficult, finding one who doesn’t monetize human feelings or exploit people’s vulnerabilities is rare. Robert is rare.

Robert and Kimberly’s knowledge, open communication, transparency and kindnesses have not gone unnoticed, I will never forget what they did for my son, myself and my family. I beyond thankful and appreciate from the bottom of my heart, and while I hope to never be in a situation where I need such services again, I wouldn’t call anyone else if I did, and I tell everyone about it.

 by Michael E.
Great Results

Alex Behar and Tom Schultz were fantastic. They brilliantly handled our mediation and the outcome was fantastic. Their guidance throughout the process was clear, direct and accurate. I highly recommend them and the firm.

 by Diera Mickens
Outstanding Service

I was hit by a drunk driver. This prestigous law firm provided excellent service from the beginning. Throughout the entire process Alex Behar made sure that my needs were met and I was taken care of. He answered all my questions and concerns promptly. Alex Behar worked hard to get me justice. I would highly recommend Alex and his team. Thank you again.

 by Jennifer P.
Grateful for the service and care I received

After I was attacked by a dog, I was overwhelmed, and worried about the costs of any medical
treatments I was going to need, while also working on recovering from my injuries. I am so grateful to
have connected with Jonathan Davidi and have him serve as my legal representation. With Jonathan, I
felt cared for; that he always had my best interests in mind; and I was in trustworthy, knowledgeable
legal hands. Because I was worried about long-term damage from the bites, Jonathan helped me find
doctors for follow-up evaluations. When I was sent invoices and letters from the hospital and my
insurance company, Jonathan asked me to send them to him and Kimberly, the legal assistant on my
case. Jonathan managed all correspondence with the insurance company and the hospital, in addition to
the dog’s owner’s insurance company. Throughout the process, Jonathan checked on me, shared
updates with me and answered my questions in a timely manner. Jonathan adeptly and expertly
negotiated a settlement with the dog owner’s insurance company, which avoided a trial, and covered all
the medical expenses and ensured I was compensated for my injuries. Without reservation, I strongly
recommend Jonathan and the firm. With the attention, care and service I was given, I felt like a member
of Jonathan’s family.

 by Terry H
Unbelievable Results

My mother was killed in a strange car accident in another state.
I received recommendations from a number of my high profile friends and clients.
After quite a bit of research I reached out to PSBR law.
I spoke with Adam Shea.
Adam discussed the case with me and explained what I should expect to happen during the process of setting the case.
Ultimately Ryan Casey was put in charge of handling my case.

I have worked in construction all my life.
I am definitely a layman when it comes to the legal system.

Ryan Casey was always available to answer any questions I had and his response time was unbelievably prompt.
Ryan was able to explain everything in terms that I fully understood. Based on his experience, Ryan discussed what he expected
for the settlement range.
The case was settled at the top of that range.

I am still amazed as to the excellent service, communication, and the amount of the settlement.
It far exceeded what I ever thought possible.
The resources and experts that were used for this case were unbelievable.

I can’t possibly give PSBR law high enough praise or compliments.
I want to thank Adam Shea for selecting Ryan Casey to handle the case.
I also can’t thank Ryan enough for his professionalism, understanding, communication and negotiating skills.

In my opinion, if you need an excellent law firm on your side, don’t hesitate to select PSBR LLP.

 by John P
Understanding and Compassionate

Matthew Freeman is very good at his job, I was more than blessed to have him represent me and help me every step of the process.

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