Women Sue Rainbow Bar & Grill for Fostering Predatory Playground; Failing to Protect Patrons from Adult Film Star Ron Jeremy

Posted on August 28, 2023

Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP attorneys Dan Dunbar and Nadine Khedry have filed a negligence lawsuit against the owners and operators of Rainbow Bar & Grill on behalf of two women alleging adult film star Ron Jeremy sexually assaulted them at the iconic Sunset Strip venue. Named in the complaint as Jane Does, the women seek to hold Rockin’ Horse, Inc. accountable for creating a dangerous, sexualized, and hostile environment at Rainbow Bar & Grill and then affording Jeremy access to private spaces where he sexually assaulted the bar’s female patrons. Plaintiffs are also represented by co-counsel, Michelle Nabati of Nabati Law PC.


“Rainbow Bar & Grill boasts countless online reviews referencing Ron Jeremy sightings at its bar and for years has leaned into his patronage as a gimmick to attract customers,” Nadine Khedry said.

“The bar owners fostered a playground for Ron Jeremy to prey on women and the managers knowingly provided him with a private space to commit heinous sexual acts against them, all while turning a blind eye,” added Michelle Nabati.

As alleged in the complaint, Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 first met Ron Jeremy at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on an evening in March of 2017 where he proceeded to buy them drinks, suggest the women make-out with one another, and stuck his hand down their pants. When they needed to use the bathroom, the women accepted Jeremy’s invitation to use his personal, private bathroom so they could avoid the line. Jeremy escorted Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 through the kitchen, passing by staff who seemed unfazed with non-employees in the area. When the women reached the bathroom, Jeremy forced himself inside without the women’s consent. Jeremy then attempted to solicit photos of the women performing sexual acts on him. While one of the two women escaped, Jeremy proceeded to sexually assault the other.

On August 19, 2021, Ron Jeremy was criminally indicted on more than 30 counts of sexual assault. The transcript from the Grand Jury proceedings mentions that at least five (5) of the sexual assaults occurred at the Rainbow Bar & Grill.

Added Ms. Nabati, “This was clearly not an isolated incident, but a pattern of abuse that Rainbow Bar & Grill permitted at the expense of their patrons’ safety. Women should feel safe going to a bar and trust that bars serving alcohol will afford safety to drink without fear of getting sexually assaulted or abused, especially by known predators. We encourage any woman who has been victimized or assaulted by Ron Jeremy at the Rainbow Bar & Grill to contact the police, seek help, or contact our offices.”

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