Lawsuit Filed Against DoorDash and Delivery Driver Following Fatal Crash in Los Angeles

Posted on August 23, 2023

Robert Glassman and Jonathan Davidi have filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family of Bing Wang, a Chinese national who was struck and killed by a DoorDash delivery vehicle while sightseeing with his family. The lawsuit seeks to hold the San Francisco based delivery company accountable for the negligent actions of its driver which caused Mr. Wang’s death and resulted in catastrophic physical and emotional injuries to his wife, Xiaomei, and their 19- year-old son, Wenxuanw, who were also struck by the defendant driver.


On June 7, 2023, the Wang family had traveled from China and within hours of their arrival in Los Angeles, the they went for a walk to do some sightseeing in the Carthay neighborhood. As they walked safely on the sidewalk of La Cienega Boulevard, the company’s “dasher” Vladimir Tishchenko – who was in the process of handling a food delivery for a DoorDash customer – lost control of his vehicle, drove up onto the sidewalk and tragically struck the Wang family before crashing into the side of a Chase bank.

Mr. Wang suffered fatal injuries as a result of the crash. His wife, Xiaomei, underwent emergency surgery including an above-the-knee left leg amputation. The couple’s son, Wenxuan, suffered broken bones and severe emotional distress as result of watching the tragedy unfold that changed their lives forever.

“The Wang family travelled here from China to provide a better life for their son. Little did they know that within hours of being here, their lives would be forever changed and torn apart by the reckless actions of a DoorDash delivery driver,” said family attorney Robert Glassman. “A young man had to literally watch his father get killed and his mother lose her entire leg because of this “dasher” driving fast and loose to make this multi-billion dollar food delivery company a few more bucks. The company’s CEO says he fights for the underdog and wants to empower immigrants coming to this country to make a better life for themselves.  Let’s see him prove it.”

Plaintiffs are seeking past and future non-economic wrongful death damages, past and future non-economic general damages, past and future economic damages, past and future medical, pre-death pain and suffering for Mr. Wang as well as funeral and burial expenses.

Much like the Wang family, the co-founder and CEO of DoorDash, Tony Xu, was born in China and traveled to the United States with his parents who were pursuing the American dream. He is quoted as saying, “DoorDash exists today to empower those like my Mom who came here with a dream to make it on their own. Fighting for the underdog is part of who I am and what we stand for as a company.”

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