Spring is the time to teach kids bicycle safety

Posted on April 3, 2012

Many kids see spring as the time to take their bicycles out of storage to ride them around their neighborhoods. But for pediatricians, spring is the time when the most child bicyclists need treatment for injuries including everything from small cuts and scrapes to serious internal injuries. Head injuries, even minor seeming ones, are the most difficult t treat.

In March and April and May, the number of children involved I bicycle accidents is larger than any other time of year, according to a study conducted in the state of Arizona. According to Arizona’s 2011 Child Fatality Program report Two Arizona children were killed in bicycle accidents in 2010. Neither of the children was wearing a helmet. Safety experts recommend parents of young children carefully supervise their bicycle riding during these months.

 Children need to be active, but they must also stay safe, according to experts, and the first step to safety is to always wear a helmet. In 85 percent of all bicycle collisions wearing a helmet has prevented riders from head injury, and helmets have prevented  brain injury 88 percent of the time, a statistic experts say is safer than wearing a seatbelt while riding inside of an automobile.

As a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney, I hope these safety tips help children have an accident free spring and summer. If you or someone you know has been involved in a collision, however, please consider contacting a Los Angeles car accident attorney.



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