Plastic Presence Prompts Chicken Apple Sausage Recall

Posted on April 2, 2012

Another food recall has been announced, this time because of a foreign contaminant that may have made its way into a product.

Chicken Apple Sausage made by the Eddy Packing Company has been recalled because the item could potentially contain plastic within the meat itself.  The Yoakum, Texas, based company has gone on record as saying that they have received reports from consumers who have found as much within their sausage, although thankfully there have been no injuries or illnesses reported in conjunction with this particular issue.

The items came in one pound vacuum sealed packages that have June 23, 2012 as a sell-by date, or in 36 pound cases that held a dozen three pound packages each.  All of the product affected by the recall was produced on February 9 and distributed on February 14.  More than 26,000 pounds of the chicken sausage fall under the purview of the recall.

Although that distribution date might have been Valentine’s Day, purchasers of the product were decidedly not in love with what they found.  If you or your family have received the item and are concerned that you are at risk, then the company is advising that you seek a healthcare professional.

As a personal injury lawyer in San Jose, I’m sad to see another safety hazard arise with something we ingest.  It’s my hope that incidents like this happen only rarely, if at all, and it’s my desire as a San Bernardino personal injury attorney that safety defects are eradicated from the marketplace completely.

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