Workstar trucks recalled due to electrical defect

Posted on March 27, 2012

Navistar Incorporated is announcing a voluntary recall for specific models of its International Workstar Trucks due to an electrical systems defect. These models feature headlights in the front bumper. The circuits attached to the headlights  — the ground circuit and headlight circuits — are incorrectly wired. These two circuits have been crossed at the headlight connector, causing the headlight’s wattage to be lower than the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 108 “Lamps, reflective devices, and associated equipment.” The dimmer headlights may reduce the driver’s ability to avoid an auto collision due to inadequate nighttime visibility for the truck’s driver and the ability of other drivers sharing the road with the defective International Workstar Truck. The trucks affected by the recall were manufactured between November 15, 2010 and March 6, 2012. Navistar is scheduled begin informing dealers and owners of the affected trucks sometime around May 21, 2012. Owners can contact the company and return an affected truck to an authorized dealer, which will repair the defective headlight at no cost to the consumer.

As an experienced  Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I have seen firsthand the damage defective auto parts can cause, and I hope this recall comes in time to prevent any physical harm or property damage this malfunction might have caused. If you or someone you love or care about was injured by a defective automobile, please consider contacting a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

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