Three Indian drug manufacturers announce U.S. recalls

Posted on March 29, 2012

Sun Pharmaceuticals, thebiggest drug manufacturer in India, has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 1.55 million  units of eye solution in the United States, due to  an impure medicine formula,  according to the United States Food and Drug Administration. 

The eye solution, used to treat conjunctivitis, was discovered to contain impurities that were not up to the Food and Drug Administration’s specifications.

The recall is classified by the FDA as a Class III recall, defined as a recall of medication that is unlikely to cause any harmful health effects for patients. The eye solution originated from the city of Gujarat, where Sun Pharmaceuticals’ Halol plant is located. This is a common classification of drug recall in the United States, and does not necessarily reflect upon the drug’s effectiveness.

Two other medications, manufactured by Cipla,, also headquartered in India, have been recalled for impurities as well. Cipla, based in Mumbai, is recalling from the United States two drugs made by its partner companies Teva Pharmaceuticals and Eagle Pharmaceuticals. Teva has issued a recall for 7,260 units of its prostate cancer treatment drug flutamide and Eagle Pharmaceuticals is recalling an unknown amount of argatroban injection units.

As a Bakersfield personal injury lawyer, I hope these drug impurities don’t lead to any harm for consumers. If you or someone you know was negatively affected by a defective drug, please consider contacting a Fresno personal injury attorney.

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