A guide to tech-savvy helmet shopping

Posted on March 13, 2012

Safety experts agree. Any time a state’s motorcycle helmet laws are taken off the books, the number of motorcycle-collision traffic fatalities and incidences of brain damage increases. The Brain Injury Association of America reports that head injuries are one of the main causes of motorcycle-related deaths. When helmets are worn, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of brain injuries caused by motorcycle accidents is reduced by 67 percent. The number of fatalities drops by 37 percent. Helmets prevented the deaths of an estimated 1,483 motorcyclists in 2009.

The variety of innovative helmet designs on the market today can be confusing, but shopping guidelines released by the NHTSA should help. Find a helmet that fits securely but comfortably and is marked by a Department of Transportation safety-compliance label. Your helmet should feature an inch-thick rigid interior lining with firmly secured straps. New designs featuring higher visibility, greater shock absorption, enhanced cushioning systems, sleek and aerodynamic constructions, and even wireless connectivity are available now , but finding the safety-standard-compliant helmet that fits you comfortably is most important. The only way the helmet can protect your brain is if you actually wear it.

As a highly qualified Fresno car accident attorney, I am very hopeful that motorcycle helmets will continue to reduce the number of traffic fatalities as technology improves. If you or a loved one has sustained brain damage or other types of injuries in an accident, please consider seeking legal counsel from a Fresno personal injury attorney.

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