Experts offer motorcycle safety tips

Posted on March 30, 2012

In more than half of all accidents involving a motorcycle and a car, truck, or sport utility vehicle, the collision report shows that the person behind the wheel of the automobile made no corrective measures to prevent the collision from occurring. Drivers will hit what they can’t see, but motorcyclists can take steps to decrease the likelihood of an accident and improve their odds of surviving if a collision occurs, according to safety experts.

Increase your visibility. Avoid dark clothing; wear brighter colors and reflective outerwear. Keep your headlamp switched on at all times, even when the sun is out. Check your brake lights and rear light frequently to ensure both are in proper working condition.

Helmets have been proven to reduce the odds of a fatal accident.  Every rider, driver and passenger should wear a  securely fitting helmet that meets approved safety standards.

Maintain a regular repair schedule. Check you tire tread for wear and keep your brakes properly maintained.

Protective  leather outerwear and thicker materials like denim can prevent cuts and scrapes in case of a fall. Gloves will protect your hands.

As a San Jose personal injury attorney, I hope the roads will become safer for all motorists, bikers and drivers alike, but not every accident is avoidable. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle or automobile accident, please consider contacting a San Jose car accident lawyer.

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