Pennsylvania Bike Law Aims to Make Roads Safer for Cyclists

Posted on March 28, 2012

Pennsylvania is doing its part to make local roads safer for bicyclists.

On April 2, a law will go into effect that is designed to improve the flow of traffic while keeping bike riders safe from harm.  Residents of the state are being encouraged to learn more about the new rules being instituted so that safety will not be compromised.

Perhaps the biggest thing to note is a rule which states that vehicle drivers must give bicycle riders four feet of space when passing.  This enables drivers to go past a center line to allow the necessary cushion, assuming that there isn’t traffic coming in the opposite direction.  Drivers are also required to give bikes the right of way when a vehicle is turning left and a bike is going straight from the opposite direction.

For their part, bicyclists are required to make an effort not to impede traffic flow.  Riders are advised to be at a safe distance from parked cars, and they may use any portion of the lane that allows them to avoid potential hazards that could cause an accident.

These rules are important to examine.  As a car accident attorney in Bakersfield, I  comprehend better than most the repercussions that a car on bike crash can have.  We all need to be aware of how to best ensure safety of all parties, and it’s my wish as a Bakersfield personal injury lawyer that everyone across the country, not just in Pennsylvania, do whatever they can to maintain safety.

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