Hitchhiker RV Recalled Due to Possible Trailer Brake Failure

Posted on March 8, 2012

Three Hitchhiker Discover America recreation rehicles of the 2012 model year are being recalled by Nu Wa Industries, Inc. These units have potentially been adversely affected by electric/hydraulic brake actuator pumps that may not have been fully heat treated. This can cause integral components within the brake pumps to wear prematurely, meaning that they may suddenly stop working. This could result in a crash because the the actuator pump controls the power being applied to the brakes in the trailer.  And without the ability to brake, the possibility of a crash is greater.

The specific vehicles affected were made between October 10 of last year and January 30 of this year.  The company is notifying owners and the actuators will be replaced at no cost by the Dexter Axle company.  At this time, there’s no mention of when affected consumers can expect to be notified of the problem by Nu Wa.

As a car accident lawyer in Fresno, I typically read about recalls that affect thousands if not hundreds of thousands of units.  Only three RVs are affected by this recall, but that doesn’t make the issue any less important to those people who might own the vehicle. Human lives are all valuable, and I’m glad to see a safety issue get corrected even if it only concerns a small portion of the population.  As a Fresno personal injury lawyer, I hope no one gets hurt due to this defect.

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