FDA Clears Shrimp Suspected of Bacteria Contamination

Posted on March 7, 2012

The FDA has cleared a product for consumption after a recall had been initiated in the wake of a consumer bacteria infection suspected to have been caused by the product.

Originally, Martin’s Super Markets in South Bend, Indiana, had received a report that a local man had undergone tests that showed he was positive for bacteria after eating a Harvest of the Sea frozen shrimp product.  The man died precisely one week later, the result of a weakened immune system and a separate sickness that did not involve the bacteria.

Upon hearing about the bacteria infection, Martin’s recalled the product, which is specifically called Quick and Fit Raw, Tail On, Peeled and Cleaned 21 to 25 Count 16 ounce frozen shrimp.  However, the FDA has now stated that the product is in fact safe to eat.

The bacteria that appeared is actually quite natural in a variety of seafoods.  If an item is cooked properly, then there shouldn’t be a risk of bacterial contamination to the consumer.  Raw handling of the product requires careful preparation and proper handling.

As a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, I’m sad to see someone lose their life in this way.  We must all be careful when eating any type of food product, especially if that item hasn’t been cooked.  It’s my hope as a San Francisco personal injury lawyer that everyone out there follow necessary safety instructions when eating raw food.

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