El Ranchero cheese recalled due to Listeria contamination

Posted on March 20, 2012

South River New Jersey company El Rancho Del Sur is issuing a voluntary recall of its El Ranchero Queso Oaxaca 14 oz. and 10 lb. (String Cheese), El Ranchero Queso Fresco 14 oz. (Fresh Cheese), and Los Corrales Queso Fresco en Hoja De Platano 14 oz. (Fresh Cheese In Banana Leaf) because of the possibility that these products are contaminated with the organism Listeria monocytogenes, which has been known to cause severe and potentially lethal infections in small children, the elderly and others with compromised immune systems. Pregnant women with listeria infections are at risk of miscarriages and stillbirths. People with healthy immune systems may experience temporary symptoms such as high fever, stiffness, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and severe headaches.

The affected products were distributed to stores, restaurants and supermarkets in Pennsylvania and New Jersey between February 23, 2012 and March 14, 2012. The Listeria monocytogenes  contamination was first discovered by the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services in the Los Corrales Queso Fresco en Hoja De Platano (Fresh Cheese in Banana Leaf)at which time El Ranchero Del Sur stopped producing and distributing the products listed above.

As a Ventura personal injury attorney, I hope this recall has been issued early enough to prevent anyone from becoming ill, but that isn’t always the case. If you or someone you have has been harmed by a defective product, please consider contacting a personal injury attorney.

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