Toyo Tire Product Recalled Due to Safety Issue

Posted on January 25, 2012

As a Bakersfield car accident attorney, I know how dangerous driving on the roads can sometimes be.  We rely on our cars to keep us safe from any and all possible obstacles.  That’s why it’s so sad to see the very systems we rely on turn out to be faulty in some aspect.

The Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corporation has issued a recall of a very specific series of tires.  The size P225/60R16 tires in question were manufactured at a plant in White, Georgia between the 38th week of 2009 and the 44th week of 2010.

The problem involves the bead area of the tires.  Apparently, the product may have been made with a kink in this area.  If left unchecked, this kink could produce a crack in the bead area near the rim.  If this happens, it could mean the failure of the tire, which would result in loss of vehicle control and a possible crash.

To tell if one of your tires is affected, one must check the last four digits of the TIN on the sidewall.  The affected units range from 3809 to 4410.  If your vehicle is affected, you can have the tires replaced for free.

Any car accident is a tragedy, but as a car accident attorney in Bakersfield, the ones that really sting are those in which the crash resulted through no error on the driver’s part.  It’s too bad that such a problem as described could develop, but it’s nice to see a recall announced to fix the issue.

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