Lawsuit Seeks to Expose Truth Behind Toyota Unintended Acceleration

Posted on January 24, 2012

Unintended acceleration of Toyotas has been a hot-button topic for some time now, and one group thinks that investigators haven’t done enough in looking into the issue.

Safety and Research Strategies has filed a freedom-of-information lawsuit against the federal government, alleging that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was withholding videos and documents that indicate electronic systems in the Toyota Prius were responsible for the unintended acceleration.  The Prius was not included in the list of car models affected by the unintended acceleration.

Even though federal regulators have gone on record as saying they’ve found no evidence that faulty electronics have been to blame for unintended acceleration, this hasn’t quelled the suspicions of many Toyota owners.  Many still believe that electronics are to blame, despite the fact that investigators sided with Toyota when they concluded that sticky accelerators and faulty floor mats.

Unintended acceleration is a topic that I, as a San Jose car accident lawyer, have reported on before.  Even though an intensive study was conducted, it would appear that the issue in front of us is far from over.  People are passionate about getting to the truth of the matter, and as a car accident attorney in San Jose, I know quite well how impassioned a person can become when it comes to keeping their family safe.

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