BJ’s Wholesale Announces Mass Flashlight Recall

Posted on January 26, 2012

Recall information can sometimes act like a light in the darkness, warding off danger to ensure that you, the consumer, remains safe from potentially hazardous materials.

Today, this proves literally true as the recall concerns a certain type of flashlight. BJ’s Wholesale Club has announced a recall of around 41,000 LED flashlight and battery sets.

The product is question is a Superex SAFETOGO LED flashlight and battery pack. The pack includes a 9.5 inch flashlight with 10 LEDs, two six inch flashlights with seven LEDs, seven D batteries and four AA batteries. The flashlights are made of red and black plastic and the UPC 0-56986-01008-3 and SKU 700935 are printed on the back of the package.

The flashlights may pose a fire hazard in that they can heat up, smoke, or melt when turned on. Two incidents have been reported at this time, one where the product overheated and even one in which the product burned and issued a loud noise. One consumer suffered a minor injury to his or her hand.

The item, which was sold at BJ’s for $15 between July and December 2011, can be brought back to the store for a full refund. Consumers should stop usage at once.

As a personal injury lawyer in Ventura, I’ve seen a number of cases where a product can malfunction. Recalls are essential in keeping consumers safe, and they should be heeded by all product users. That way, you can avoid an injury that could lead you to a Ventura personal injury lawyer like myself.

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