Aunt Jemima Products Recalled Due to Soy Exposure

Posted on January 30, 2012

Earlier today, I talked about the dangers inherent in a product being improperly mislabeled, but sometimes a product can be labelled totally correct and yet still pose a danger due to the things it has come in contact with in its manufacture process.

Kroger today has announced a recall of a variety of Aunt Jemima frozen pancake products.  The affected products have a Use By date between November 1 and October  16. 2012.  Aunt Jemima Buttermilk and Buttermilk Low Fat, Confetti, Homestyle, Oatmeal and Whole Grain pancakes from the Pinnacle Foods Group were the specific products involved in the recall.

The products in question may contain soy, which would be harmful to consumers that are allergic to soy products.  These items are believed to have come into contact with the same equipment that itself made contact with a product that has soy protein among its ingredients.

As a car accident attorney in Bakersfield, I pay a lot of attention to the various auto recalls out there, but food recalls can be just as important.  Even if foods aren’t contaminated by hazardous materials, as a Bakersfield personal injury lawyer, I know that what might not be hazardous to you or me could be quite dangerous to someone with severe allergies.

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