Some Owners Taking GM Offer To Buy Back Volt

Posted on December 6, 2011

According to news sources, a GM spokesperson said that a “few dozen” of the 6,400 owners of GM’s Volt vehicle have taken the company up on their offer to buy back their vehicles from them after investigations found that some of the vehicle batteries caught on fire when involved in a collision.

The spokesperson said that before buying back the vehicles, GM talks to every owner to understand the reasons behind their dissatisfaction with the vehicle. If buying back the vehicle is the only thing that will satisfy the costumer than in that case GM would be prepared to repurchase the Volt vehicle, the GM spokesperson said.

More owners have decided to take part in GM’s free loaner vehicle offer for Volt owners while the ongoing investigation into the battery fires takes place. The government is also a part of the ongoing investigation, with its engineers reportedly attempting to replicate the conditions that caused a battery fire in a test crash several weeks ago to identify the root cause of the problem.

As a Los Angeles product liability attorney, I understand the severity of the hazards entailed in using defective products. I hope this information can help raise awareness about the product. If you or a loved one has been injured through the use of a defective product, speak with a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles to learn about the legal options available to you.

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