City Audit Asks For Red-Light Camera Safety Improvement Proof

Posted on December 19, 2011

According to news sources, a city audit is requiring Denver to prove that its controversial red-light camera program actually translated into improved safety on the city’s roadways.

The Denver Auditor’s Office has called for the shutdown of the controversial program unless it can be proven that it has resulted in actual improvements in road safety. The program has been reportedly criticized by some as a means to raise money, with little added safety benefits.

Drivers who stop at a stop light with their front tires past the stop line must pay $75 fines. The fines have resulted in $1.3 million being raised from just four intersections. A comparable period before the fines were enforced netted the city only $230,000, representing a stark increase in collected fines.

City officials in support of the program point out the 24 percent decrease in accidents throughout the city since the program was first introduced.

Studies investigating and evaluating the effectiveness of the program are currently ongoing.

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