Car Seat Monitor Technology To Alert Parents

Posted on December 6, 2011

According to news sources, a newly created car seat monitor device called Cars-N-Kids Seat Monitor made by two engineers promises to deliver an inexpensive solution to ensure that parents are alerted if their children get out of their car seats while the vehicle is in motion. The device is also created to alert parents if the vehicle stops and the child is still in the car seat 5 minutes afterwards.

About 38 children die annually due to heatstrokes caused by being left unattended in a vehicle, a safety advocacy group said. The device will allow parents to be notified if the child is left in the car seat through a combination of Bluetooth technology and a smart phone app. The device itself is small, pressure-sensitive and can be easily carried around and installed.

It will reportedly have a retail price of about $60.

The two engineers are reportedly working with car-seat makers to integrate the new device into some models of their car seats.

As a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles, I’m glad to see that research is continually being conducted to provide additional safety for children in motor vehicles. I hope consumers find the conclusions of this research useful. If you or someone you care about has been injured or suffered from the use of an unsafe product, I recommend you contact a product liability lawyer Los Angeles as soon as possible.

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