Toy Recalls Are Less Frequent but Toy-related Injuries Are Still High

Posted on November 16, 2011

According to the morning news, recalls issued for toys have been declining since 2008. Regardless of this excellent decline, the number of consumers being injured by toy products is still alarming. During the year of 2011 there were 34-catalogued toy recalls against 172 toy recalls in the year of 2008.

Reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that toy-related deaths of children who are younger than 15 had an unfortunate increase in the year of 2010. The number of injured kids is still extremely high.

Toy-related fatalities reached the staggering number of seventeen. Most of the reported deaths were allegedly results from choking on balls and balloons, which are extremely hard to regulate properly.

Over 200,000 kids were taken to emergency rooms because of injuries caused by the their toy handing habits. According to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, all toy standards are entirely mandatory. Starting January 1st, all toymakers will have to take their products to an independent lab so the toy in question will be certified. All toys must meet the requirements proposed by the new law.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act also claims that the major U.S. retailers should have a third party to test all toys.

As a Los Angeles product liability lawyer, I urge all readers to be aware that products can fail and pose major risks to your children. Never leave them alone with new toys that can hurt them in any way and remember to contact a personal injury lawyer to answer your questions regarding any injury case you might have been the victim of.

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