To Ensure Kids Are Strapped Properly Is a Priority for Local Authorities

Posted on November 28, 2011

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and a parent I recognize that all parents will do anything in their power to protect their children.

Sometimes, not even all the care in the world can prevent a child from being involved in a severe or even fatal car accident. Authorities feel the same way and have been trying to educate parents so the number of preventable tragic accidents involving children will lower considerably.

According to several news sources, young children are often put in danger because safety car seats the parents purchase to keep their kids safe while traveling aren’t always installed properly. Studies report that over 70 percent of the time, children seats aren’t strapped in the safest way to the vehicle.

Police Officials say that most of the time, the issues regarding the placement of the seats involved with most of the children-related accidents are minor and simple to have been solved. Officers point out that in some cases the seats purchased by parents aren’t the right size for their children’s age or weight.

Personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles know that children’s safety comes first and that education and proper training should eradicate all risks to kids traveling along with their parents in a safety car seat.

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