Recall Issued for Cocoa Plum Eye Shadow

Posted on November 8, 2011

According to various news sources and different blogs, the San Jose, CA based cosmetics firm Purity Cosmetics has issued a recall for their 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Plum Eye Shadow.

Representatives from the company have announced that the Lot #1B11 was contaminated. After tests were run, it was proved that Pseudomonas Luteola was present in the ingredients. This bacteria is the cause of several health issues like bacteremia, cellulitis and peritonitis.

Reports attest that Radical Cosmetics manufactured the recalled product. The New Jersey-based company is a 3rd party contract lab and it’s allegedly an entirely separated entity from Purity Cosmetics.

The company assures consumers that all other products manufactured in the Purity Cosmetics facility were tested and found to be completely free of bacteria. The item that was recalled has been shipped to the following states: NY, CA, OK, TX, IN, PA, IL, MN, OR, VA, TN, FL.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I urge all Purity Cosmetics users to make sure they are not using the contaminated products. Call the company right away so they can assess this situation. Remember to never wait if you are a victim in a personal injury case related to product liability, contact a product liability lawyer right away.

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