Possible Health Risks related to Licorice, FDA alerts

Posted on November 2, 2011

There was a FDA warning issued a few weeks back that warned consumers of the danger of eating too much of the licorice candy. More news sources just now surfaced talking about the properties that are present in the Halloween candy that allegedly may lead to dropping levels of potassium. Such condition may cause arrhythmia in people older than 40 and even to an irregular heart rhythm.

Although FDA officials say that it takes a large amount of licorice consumption to make it a threat to your health, they warn that candy lovers must watch out so this passion for the confectionery won’t hurt them in any way.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney I urge all readers to take care of their diet, always watching out for the kind of food you’re consuming and if manufacturers and distributers are doing their job by alerting you of any issue related to their products.

Personal injury lawyers can be of great help whenever you’re faced with a situation involving product liability so do not hesitate to contact one if you’re ever faced with a situation related to that issue. The faster you contact a lawyer, the faster they will be able to provide you with all the support you need.


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