Pedestrian Safety, A Much Talked About Subject

Posted on November 10, 2011

According to many news sources, pedestrian safety has never been a more talked about subject than now. Recent news reports show that sidewalk councilors must be installed between the bridges of Old Slys Road.

Residents think that a slightly higher and enlarged sidewalk must be built so pedestrian integrity will be kept. After the news broke that park attractions will be added to the local Lower Reach Park, pressure increased to build a better system for pedestrians in the region.

Because of the news attractions, according to a resident, the pedestrian traffic will thicken and safety will become a serious subject. The town has heard from its residents that this area must be taken care of and according to the town’s staff, measures are being implemented so the situation can be solved.

The director of Administrative and Planning services has stated that the town staff will be working on the desired sidewalk between December 5th and December 15th.  Measures to make the sidewalk stand out in traffic are being taken along with the expansion of the sidewalk’s length.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I believe pedestrian safety is a priority. Personal injury lawyers are very familiar with fatal pedestrian versus vehicle accidents and we hope that such fatalities may decrease after initiatives similar to the one we reported in this post.

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