Judge Rules That Jackson’s Lawsuit Against AEG Will Proceed

Posted on November 14, 2011

Kevin Boyle of the Los Angeles personal injury law firm was quoted in the CBS website regarding Michael Jackson’s case. The article reported that a judge ruled the Jackson family is entirely entitled to follow through with the lawsuit against AEG Live.

The entertainment giant’s lawyers filed a motion to the Los Angeles Superior Court asking for the case against them to be dismissed. According to official reports, the judge has ruled that as long as the plaintiffs have tangible evidence to support the accusations against AEG, the case may continue.

Attorney Kevin Boyle, Jackson family’s Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, stated that this was a smart decision, “this was a great success for the plaintiffs”. On September 15th 2010, a suit was filed on behalf of Michael Jackson’s three children and the singer’s mother, Katherine Jackson against AEG.

According to official reports, the suit sustains that AEG Live should be held accountable for all of the medical choices of Dr. Conrad Murray, recently pleaded not guilty in Jackson’s case.

AEG attempted to file a motion against the lawsuit filed by the Jacksons, but efforts have proven to be fruitless.

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