Joint Study on Tobacco Use Announced

Posted on November 4, 2011

The Food and Drugs Administration has announced that the National Institutes of Health combined forces with the FDA will start a joint study on the use of tobacco to monitor the impact of recent regulations imposed to the industry.

The Tobacco Control Act National Longitudinal Study of Tobacco Users is simply unprecedented. According to the reports, scientific experts from both institutes will coordinate efforts and technologies to strengthen FDA’s ability to make tobacco-related deaths something of the past. This study also aims at bringing the most effective operations to lower the effect of tobacco use on the health of the United States.

According to the outlined plan, investigators will observe over 40,000 tobacco users ages 12 and older to determine what exactly makes people sensitive to tobacco use. Patterns of use will be investigated and so will the resulting health issues. Based on what they discover, regulations will be also put to test. The effects of the regulatory changes on attitudes, behavior etc.

Personal injury lawyers have battled against the great power of the tobacco industry long enough to understand the effects of this habit on people’s health As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I hope that this honorable effort from the FDA and NIH will collect great data so preventable cases related to tobacco use can be eradicated.

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