Inspections allegedly find Harbor-UCLA failed to maintain a Sanitary environment

Posted on November 1, 2011

Various news sources have reported that the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center has been inspected and allegedly found to not be up to federal hygiene standards. According to federal inspection reports, the Hospital’s operating rooms weren’t kept clean, which provides an unsafe environment to its patients who could be exposed to possible infections.

As stated in the news article, rooms were cluttered and filled with dust. The humidity level was wrong and the hospital staff wasn’t properly washing their hands according to the strong policy that rules health care providing facilities.

The reports show that a sanitary environment wasn’t kept and that the hospital struggles due the limits they face by working from an allegedly old facility. Los Angeles County has stated there’s another Hospital being built and that it will be fully completed in 2013. Until then, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center must work with what they have and fix the problems federal inspections have pointed out.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I urge you to keep up with the news regarding the sanitary conditions of facilities we depend on to take care of us in cases of emergencies. Making sure clients are safe in the facilities they are taken to recover is a major priority to any personal injury lawyer.

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